Sunday, March 19, 2023

We’re Back Again

Courtesy of Pexels by Ekaterina Belinskaya

It’s a pleasure to once again write to on this blog. TRET’s contribution to 2023 is long overdue and I couldn’t let the year go by without a post. As some of you may have noticed. The TRET website was down for a few weeks, which had to do with some hosting issue that have been corrected and we are now happy to bring you new content.

One of thing that I am learning as I evolve as a person and as a professional is the value of following the established path to success. In many areas of life, mastering the “fundamentals,” being consistent and paying attention to the details yields huge dividends. Real estate is no different. When I started this blog, I was a realtor trying expand my horizons, share my real estate knowledge and motivate myself to learn more. Many years and roles later, as an attorney with nearly a decade under my belt, I have experienced and worked with most aspects of the real estate market, from the property to the securitization of mortgages and the selling of whole loans. At one point, I was even valuing the assets of unwound Collateralized Debt Options (CDO’s) that held mortgage assets. The lesson that I learned through all of that experience is that although knowledge can facilitate wealth, it does not create it.

It is with that lesson in mind that I wish to push this blog toward discussing how to create wealth in real estate. I want to facilitate the growth of fortunes in real asset wealth and this platform is my way to do so. For those who genuinely seek higher-level real estate discourse, I invite you to look through the catalogue of previous posts on this blog. I will also occasionally do topic-driven post, as well, but these posts will no longer be the primary focus of the blog.

Let’s allow 2023 to bring us all wealth and prosperity. I look forward to where this year will take us.

Courtesy of Pexels by  Jens Johnsson

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